3 Month Immersion

What you get divine soul…

  • 4 x 2 hour one on one zoom/skype sessions with me. These will be structured over the 12 week period, approx every 3 weeks. (Value $4,000)

  • Unlimited email/messenger support for the duration of your 12 week program during the working hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. (Value – invaluable).

Nurture You Heal You

Included Bonuses

  • 1 set of Soul Expression Cards

  • 1 set of 4 Aura clearing sprays – 1 lavender, 1 self love, 1 clear ground and protect and 1 pep me up.

  • 4 bath bombs per month – 1 lavender, 1 loving rose, 1 clear, ground and protect, and 1 creamy chamomile.

  • 1 rose quartz crystal

  • 1 smoky quartz crystal (Total Value $350)

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards
Nurture You Heal You crystals


These sessions will be focused around your most urgent energetic block. As with all sessions the first 1:20 minutes will be aimed at identifying the block, why it is there and what needs to be done to resolve it.

At this point in the session you will be given the option of either continuing the way we have OR to receive a long distance healing. If the long distant healing is selected, time permitting an email will be sent to explain what has been found/ work that has taken place. If we have exceeded our time limit, it will be discussed at your next session.

Topics that can be addressed during these 4 sessions will be person specific. Generally it will be focused upon the thing/things that are making you unhappy or causing roadblocks within your life.

It may be focussed around you and your health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), your relationships, boundaries, speaking freely, feeling safe, abuse, trauma, family lines, your spirituality and gifts.

There are many other topics that can be included.

Please be mindful that it may take more than one session to complete work on very ingrained energy ( it may have multiple layers to it).

If you have selected this program and decide there is further work to be done that this program doesn’t allow for time wise, then please contact the team at admin@nurtureyouhealyou.com and we will discuss other options.

Total Value $4350


PAY UPFRONT – $3333 (Saving $666)
WEEKLY – $333.25 for 12 weeks ($3999)
FORTNIGHTLY – $666.50 for 6 fortnights ($3999)
MONTHLY – $1333 for 3 months ($3999)

Who Benefits from this program?

This program is perfect for those who have already done a lot of their spiritual work and are looking for a powerful and ethical healer who can go deep into those hidden blocks. Helping you to identify not only what needs to be cleared personally for you as a soul but within family/ ancestral lines too.


Those who are new to spirituality and the world of healing. Those who are wanting to explore their own spirituality with a trusted healer who is powerful and ethical, teaching you as you go. Allowing you to embrace your mastery from the beginning.

When we begin on this journey often we have no idea what our blocks are or what that means, finding a talented healer whose ethics are on point can be a challenge. Its sadly until we have experienced the unhealthy, that we start to look for certain traits within a healer. Ethics needs to be one of the biggest points, allowing you to stand as an equal while you learn, empowering you with your own skill set is another and not stealing a clients energy is also vital. ( I see this wayyyyy to often – some know they are doing it, while others are unaware and just young healers (And I don’t mean their earth age!)) However if you can’t see it (literally) you won’t know until your personal vision develops. I was on the receiving end of all of this when I first rediscovered my abilities. They could see who I was, and often took advantage of this while I was learning who and what I was.

I had many lessons of what to NEVER do to another human in those early years. This is why I am so passionate about empowering my clients from day one. We will build your own skill set together, one session at a time. Removing existing blocks, understanding all the ins and outs of energy and building your skill set
and confidence at the same time. Discovering who you are at your core and falling in love with you, is all part of the journey.

If this is you – dipping your toes in, to learn about you and who I am as a healer – It is an honour. If you enjoy the process and discover you need/would like to engage further, please feel free to discuss this and we can upgrade your plan to meet your current needs – email – admin@nurtureyouhealyou.com

Within all of these programs offered you will learn tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life. You will walk away understanding energy, what you need to do for you – to care for yourself and your family at a deeper level.You will feel love and compassion for you, up level energetically with every session and discover what you are here to do among many other things.


  • (Saving $666)


$33325for 12 weeks
  • Total cost – $3,999


$66650for 6 fortnights
  • Total cost – $3,999


$1,333for 3 months
  • Total cost – $3,999