A six month intensive for those who are really ready to uplevel their life!
Be lovingly supported while you create a who new vibration for yourself …

What you get divine soul…

  • An energy assessment to determine exactly what is blocking you personally from living the life of your dreams. (Value $1,000)

  • 18 hours of individual one on one sessions with me. This is broken into 9 x 2 hour sessions, all conducted via zoom/skype/facetime. (Value $9,000)

  • 1 hour detailed aura reading/clearing and report (Value $500)

  • 1 hour detailed chakra reading/clearing and report (Value $500)

  • Unlimited email/messenger support for the duration of your 26 week program during the working hours of 9- 5 Monday to Friday (Value – Invaluable)

Nurture You Heal You

Included Bonuses

  • 1 set of Soul Expression Cards

  • 1 set of 4 Aura clearing sprays – 1 lavender, 1 self love, 1 clear ground and protect and 1 pep me up.

  • 4 bath bombs per month for 6 months – 1 lavender, 1 loving rose, 1 clear, ground and protect, and 1 creamy chamomile.

  • 1 rose quartz crystal

  • 1 smoky quartz crystal (Total Value $600)

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards
Nurture You Heal You crystals


Your private sessions with Samantha will address a range of personal topics over the 26 weeks.

Topics may include……

  • Self love (or lack of)
  • Personal trauma
  • Family trauma
  • Energy blocks
  • Relationship issues (partners, friends, children, parents etc),
  • Opening your heart,
  • Responsibility for self,
  • Addiction,
  • Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual)
  • Anxiety, depression,
  • People pleasing,
  • Developing your own spiritual gifts,
  • Past lives,
  • Ancestral lines,
  • Soul mission and purpose,
  • Personal lessons,
  • Cleaning up your own personal lines of energy
  • Any connection to physical ailments currently experienced.

A session is 2 hours in length and will be structured as follows. We will connect over zoom/skype/facetime – I will ask you what you would like to work on today and you will share with me the area you would most like to focus upon. I will ask for details about said topic and you need to share as honestly and openly as you can. I will also ask you what and how you would like the situation to be moving forward. This allows me to trace the energy to identify what is blocked, how and why. Then I will share with you what I have found and what needs to be done to correct the flow of energy to achieve what you are wanting.

During the six month immersion you will have freedom of choice from 6-8 of the above topics. I like to allow 1- 3 sessions per topic as it allows me to be detailed in my work, giving you the most information and tools to help you change the situation you are currently in. Some situations may be intertwined with others.

Topics that will generally be at the forefront are self love, any trauma and relationships. Once these are clear and flowing well – it holds space for the other areas to be addressed. Once the topics from this incarnation on this Earth are healthy and flowing, then we can address past life issues. The only time a past life issue will become more important is if it is directly affecting the quality of life in this life.

Example: Fear of the dark with no explanation as to why, no trauma has been sustained to justify why this is the case. For quality of life to improve, I will look at what has previously happened in a past life for this to be the current experience. If it is what is causing the current discomfort – with your permission and that of the karmic board – I will release the energy surrounding the situation.

We will continue to explore your personal situation for around 1h:20 minutes of the session, at this point I will give you freedom of choice if you would like to continue this structure for the remaining 40 minutes, or if you would like to receive a hands on healing (via distance). The hands on healing (via distance) will consist of me cleaning your aura, removing anything that is not meant to be there, balancing your chakras, running fresh energy through your system, anchoring you into the New Earth and connecting you to source. (And making sure that connection is strong and protected) Protection will also be placed around you at the end of the session.

Under certain circumstances (and this will be on an as needed basis) cord cutting, spiritual surgery and past life work may be done. If you choose to have the healing (via distance) (and this will be required after some sessions to rebalance you after the work that will be done during our face to face zoom conversation) I will (depending on time allowances) follow up by sending you an email detailing what I have found/ done or if time doesn’t permit, I will discuss it with you at the beginning of our next session.

These sessions are private, confidential and negotiable. While the above is a recommendation based on 10 years of experience with clients, I am aware that everyone is having a different experience. If you feel working on a certain area is what would improve the quality of your life then this is where we will begin. Please feel free to discuss your wishes and concerns with me at any point.

What do you need to do while I am doing the healing via distance?

Resting/relaxing or mediating is a great idea. However if you are in a rush and need to return back to work etc, I can send the healing to your personal storage area and have it released to you at midnight that evening, allowing you to integrate the healing while sleeping.

Selfcare after a healing
Please make sure to keep your water intake high at all times. The water ideally should be filtered (or kangan if you have it)

Total Value $11,600


PAY UPFRONT – $9,999 (saving of $2,000)
WEEKLY – $461.50 for 26 weeks ($11,999)
FORTNIGHTLY – $923 for 13 fortnights ($11,999)
MONTHLY – $1,999 for 6 months ($11,994)

What will this work do for me?

Simply it will free you. Free you from any energy that is preventing you from being who you were before EVERYTHING happened and to you.

You will feel freer, lighter, healthier, more confident, balanced, self assured, in love with yourself. You will have boundaries and no fear of using them. You will understand the experiences you have had, why they happened and what the purpose/ lesson/ skill set you learnt was behind it. The trauma, reaction and fear will be removed and the understanding, emotional intelligence will remain. You will make choices moving forward based on what you truly want rather than what you think you deserve or a knee jerk reaction from fear or the need for safety. You will learn what the energy is that has affected you, how to read energy yourself moving forward and I will also teach you tools moving forward that will empower you in working towards your own spiritual mastery.

You will walk away with knowledge about your own energy, your families energy, your ancestral lineage and a clear action plan of how to achieve any goals you have in your future. You will have confidence, feel heard and been bathed in and very accustomed to the vibration of love once our sessions are complete.

Get ready to fall in love with you and live from a place of joy.

You are a divine being, who has chosen to come here to this planet at this time in history because – YOU HAVE SOMETHING AMAZING TO OFFER THIS WORLD. Know this with every fibre of your being….

One of the biggest things you will get from participating in this style of work is not only drastically improving every aspect of your life we work on, you will change the quality of life for your children. When you take responsibility for the energy running through your family line and yourself, cleaning it up and clearing it out – you change the timelines, freeing your children. When you do your work, you immediately improve the quality of life for you and this directly flows to your children.

What can I do to get the most from this work?

Meditate, exercise (even if it’s walking) eat clean and healthy (ideally organic and vegetarian) utilise the tools that have come with the package you have purchased. They have been designed specifically to support you in this journey. Love yourself, whatever happens throughout your day, end it with running love through your body. Some days are great, and some are hard but if love is the vibration you start and end your day with – it makes the journey easier. You may have never received the love you needed or deserved, but you can love you the way you deserve.


Loving you is proactively working towards one of your lessons as a soul – To love yourself unconditionally. You are already leaps and bounds in front if this is a daily practise. Begin today and set a new standard of quality of life for you and your family.


  • (Saving $2,000)


$46150for 26 weeks
  • Total cost – $11,999


$923for 13 fortnights
  • Total cost – $11,999


$1,999for 6 months
  • Total cost – $11,994