Ancestral lines……

What are they? Why are they so important to me?

Ancestral lines are very simply, the lines that run through your family from your ancestors to you, and then down to your children, and so on.

These ancestral line are so important because the energy that your ancestors carried runs though you and into your family. So for example, some people have loads of brown eyes in their family, or red hair runs through the family or perhaps it is a medical issue, breast cancer, and heart disease, these things all run through the ancestral lines. So too does energy, and energetic dispositions. Ever notice that some families believe that they are always the victims? Or that they are just no good with money at all – never had it, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they did. These are all things that can run through the ancestral lines also.

Today I really want to explore the energetic side of things. The energetic traits that run though families, and seem to rear there heads generation after generation and if we don’t bring awareness to it, we will unconsciously pass it down to our children.

Now one thing I will point out is that every generation does the best they can at the time, with the knowledge they have. However, when we chose to have children we all go through a thought process of what it was actually like for us growing up, and who we think our parents are, and what type of parent we would like to be. The things that we will be doing with our children, and the things we will never do with or to our children. This is all really normal, and my aim is to not put anyone down. Again, we all do the best with what we have at the time, and as we grow as people, so does our behaviour and actions – hopefully. This is a normal part of evolution.

When we engage in work with a spiritual healer – one who is able to trace this stuff, we are actively taking responsibility for everything we are living right now. All our blocks, trauma and our shadow self. Quite often these blocks have been passed down the ancestral line. So for example a woman 3 generations ago was hurt emotionally, and decided that it was safer, and less painful to shut her heart down and not feel. She was a wife and a mother, she tended to her marriage with a closed heart, and she also tended to her children with a closed heart, what does this create? The next generation in her family of women who close their hearts from a young age, because it is safer than leaving it open to a mum who has a hard time with compassion and open hearted connection. She  cannot meet you with the love you try to give her, and she feels uncomfortable when you try to give her hugs or kisses, even though that is your mum.  She will also find it much easier to connect with other people who have a closed heart than people who have an open heart. Open hearted people will just feel weird and uncomfortable to her. Leaving her to attract closed hearted people into her existence.  Her son/ sons are being raised with a woman who can’t and won’t feel, so this becomes his gauge for women – this is the norm. This is also reinforcing for him as a male that it is correct to not feel feelings, that feelings are wrong and dangerous. It also means that when he feels his feelings for they will eventually rise he will have no skill set whatsoever for how to deal with these “feelings that he is having. Controlling them will be difficult, and almost impossible if it was never safe or allowed to be expressed or felt. This in itself creates another whole dangerous dynamic.

So from one womans decision to close her heart because of the pain she endured – these are just a few of the repercussions. Now sometimes there are blessings and people can come along and help the person who has made the choice to close their heart down – feel safe enough that they are able to open it again, and healing can occur – the lines can be healed. However this is not always the case, quite often, the heart will stay shut, and perhaps a trust issue will accompany it, and it will just continue down the family line. Each person doing the best they can with what they have, believing that this is just the normal.

This is not healthy nor is it what should be considered normal. Because here is the thing – the big thing, if your heart is shut so you can’t feel pain, you can’t feel love, and you can’t give it either. It’s that wonderful 2 way street.

So what are we experiencing now with all this clearing?

We as a society are becoming more and more conscious. We believe that we have the right to be healthy, we actually seek professionals from different fields to help us obtain our personal goals and support our growth. We are becoming so much more balanced as a society, more people are waking up from the fog on a daily basis, and that is wonderful. As we awake we realise that we individually have a part to play in the consciousness of the world. The biggest part we can play to begin with is to take the highest level of responsibility for ourselves that we possibly can. Healing our stuff, healing our inner demons, looking at our childhoods and healing from them, knowing that it is ok to do so. Living our lives, even when it is tough with an open heart, and keeping it open. Knowing that we are worth that.

What is this type of living doing to the ancestral lines?

Well I’m glad you asked! What this is doing is clearing them. The statement we are making to the universe is – The buck stops with me. I will heal as much in myself as I possibly can, even though it is hard, and often very uncomfortable. I will hold space for others I see having the same experience. Offering love and compassion. What this does is – every single thing you heal in yourself, You are removing from your ancestral line. PERIOD. You are healing the generations before you, you are healing yourself and you are clearing the way so your children NEVER have to have the same experience as you.

If you seek support during this experience, then please do either head to the contact tab or visit your local experience healer who knows and understands this type of work.

So from myself and your ancestors I say thank you. I am grateful. For every tough decision you have made to do the right thing when no one else was – I thank you. For every tough hair raising trauma you have taken the time to release from your body, your life, and cells, I thank you – We thank you. For every professional you have visited, course you have done and book you have read to empower yourself and grow – I thank you – We thank you.

The choices you are making are changing not only your life but the planet as well. You are clearing trauma, abuse and negative lines from GENERATIONS before you.

Be proud, you are amazing, thank you.

For those of you who are just beginning on this path, and just learning what these things are – it is hard looking at yourself with honest glasses on BUT the rewards are so very wonderful, living an empowered life – Is there really another choice? Know that you are in the process of creating something really beautiful for yourself, it will benefit you, your entire family, and the planet. There are so many of us that have walked before you, and our hands are extended when you need it.

Sending you all love as we continue on our journey,

Samantha xx