I want to write today about being angry inside and behaving aggressively.

I’ve seen a few things this last week while being out and about that I feel some discussion needs to be had over. It’s time that awareness was brought to it so the consciousness can raise.

Now we know that everything is energy. We know that we can be in different environments and this will affect our energy/ vibration and our mood if we are not conscious.

What I would like you to consider is this – how much of your day do you spend angry?

Angry that someone stole your car park? Angry that someone did something that you think is unfair? Ladies – angry with pms ( no judgement I too get period symptoms and yes I am going to go there)

Angry at fucking anything and everything?

Something that seems to be a choice of behaviour is taking that anger that is inside ( living with them consistently) and 1 little thing happens and it is a justification to launch the anger of a small country at the one person who has been perceived as having done the wrong thing. What seems to make it acceptable is this – as long as the tyraid of anger is articulated well, mixed with sarcasm then the person dishing it out is not only correct but the behaviour is acceptable by social standards.

My question is this – since when did it become acceptable to launch a life times worth of anger at someone because you perceive a choice they have made as stupid?

There are a few points that are worth mentioning.

When you assume the best about people- that is what you’ll get, every single time.

The energy that you put into a situation is what you will get from it every time. Guaranteed

It is possible to tell someone they have hurt you, offended you or even disappointed you without calling names or screaming or lacing your words with sarcasm.

Yes sometimes people do behave badly- no question. When we see this it may be possible to offer compassion if this is appropriate, it may be possible to set another example by drawing a boundary with powerful calm words and then leaving them to their own energy.

Now there is always an exception- sometimes there can be down right abusive people, we need to ask for help and support from those around us who have control of their energy and are able to help us stand in our power without having to resort to behaviour that is energetically out of integrity.

Aggressive behaviour is a choice and it does affect the quality of your life.

What energy do you want to live in, function with, emit from and attract to yourself?

Choosing to lose your shit all the time affects the quality of your life.

Being aware of the anger you have inside of you from past experiences is important. This little reservoir is what is being tapped into to fuel these adult tantrums.

There is no judgment- we have all been there. However in taking responsibility for all of our energy and choices, we need to be aware this is just another choice.

You have not only freedom of choice but full responsibility for all of your choices.

Ladies… the whole pms thing. Yes it’s real, yes I get it. I too am woman. Learning to graciously ride that estrogen wave is a delicate art that can take years to master. However the minute I hear laughing at the unleashing that took place the previous day due to a period, I have started to actually view it as bad behaviour.

If we take responsibility for everything then we honour our choice to be born as a woman. We don’t make excuses for our behaviour or expect others to cop it for a few days every month because we were cursed with a period! Where is the power in that? It’s a perfect victim statement that justifies whatever we may do.

If your cycle isn’t smooth, reasonably easy and pain free something is out of balance. A naturopath is a great place to start. You deserve to feel healthy every day and not be left apologising for the abuse you just dished out. (can you see the wasted energy everywhere in that scenario?)

So my intent with this post is to ask you – the next time you feel your blood boiling over anything try to catch yourself.

Insert a few deep breaths ( even if you need to excuse yourself to the bathroom for a minute to consider your options)

Think about

Is this anger about the situation In front of me?
What energy am I bringing to this situation?
What do I want to contribute?
What behaviour do I need to exhibit to achieve this?
What is my lesson in this?
Am I helping another see a different choice?

Then react. This process will get quicker over time. The more you look at your anger, the more you will understand it, the sooner you will have freedom from it.

If you need to go see someone who specialises in this stuff make an appointment. Go do your work. It will only gift you a better life.

We don’t realise how heavy anger is until we release it – often because we have held onto it for sooooo long.

It’s time for freedom, there’s room for other choices.

You’ve got this, and if you don’t ask for help.

The choice is free to be made, the consequences are not.

I send love
Samantha xx