Many people are drawn to crystals without necessarily knowing why. When I hold my stalls in shopping centres or participate in markets young children are drawn to my stall and the many crystals that line the tables.

Why is this? They are attracted to the energy the crystal emits. It matches their vibration and they feel at home. The children feel safe and loved, yes from a crystal…. (I will write in greater detail later about Crystal children – today I will just focus upon how these beauties actually work)

Ok so back to the crystals. When explaining to clients this topic I like to use a really simple explanation that regardless of your understanding of spirituality/ energy it’s easy to understand.

So imaging you spend the afternoon with someone who is having a rough trot in life – you walk away feeling heavy and weighed down yes? Or if you spend the afternoon with someone who is having a great run of luck and is loving life, you walk away feeling happy, healthy and filled with life yourself – yes?

Ok so we as human beings have something called a varying dominating oscillary rate, what this means is our vibration/energy alters to our environment. So whatever or whoever we spend time with – we will mirror.

Crystals have something called a consistent dominating oscillary rate. Meaning crystals vibrate at the same vibration consistently. They do not change to their environment.

So the way crystals work is this – when we hold a crystal, our energy/ vibration alters to the same vibration of the crystal we are holding. So in this case bigger is better!

While we are learning to control and take full responsibility for our vibration crystal are a wonderful tool to utilise. Or if we are already in control, they are a fantastic way of raising our vibration to another level.

Different types of crystal you ask?  My advice is this – use your intuition. Go with what you are drawn too regardless if you know the meaning. You can always meditate with it later or even utilise google. Your vibration/ energy knows what it needs to feel healthy/ supported, it’s your job to listen to your internal guidance – your intuition.

A few quick pointers….

Rose quartz is fantastic, and everyone should own the biggest chunk they can afford. No questions. It will support you in love, loving you, loving others and just coming back to self-love in every situation. Opening your heart. This is one of our biggest goals in this life, and this particular crystal is your best tool for the job.

Clear quartz is also a wonderful tool when used correctly. It has its own very useful properties however it is also an amplifier. What does this mean? It will amplify the energy in any situation it is placed into. So if you are having a crappy day – and decide to use a crystal to support you, avoid clear quartz, it is going to amplify your feelings, not help to correct them/ alter the energy to a better vibration. However, if you are using it to amplify the effects of other crystal in a grid or in elixirs, crystal water – this is perfect. It will amplify the other crystals.

Clear quartz has its own properties that it will energetically offer as well as being an amplifier, a little research will guide you in the right direction.