Healing Me

Is an empowering program that is filled with healing meditations. Meditations that help you to step into your own power, understand what is going on with your personal energy centres all while in the safety of a protected group.

In total there are:

  • 12 chakra meditations

  • 7 Auric Meditations

  • 40 + template meditations (with a growing catalogue every week)

  • An extensive library of body part meditations that grows weekly.

  • Support from me with the content of the meditation program – Monday to Friday 9-5 AEST

This group is self paced and all about empowering you to dive deep into your own energy. Understanding exactly what has taken place within your energy centres, and then supporting you to do the work to clean them up and rebalance them. Allowing you to live and operate from a healthy energy systems that flow without restriction.

Much trauma has been done to us over our various lifetimes. This is the clean up life. We have at our fingertips the opportunity to be free of all trauma and restrictions if we so choose.

I am making this available to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for themselves and their souls journey and is ready to do their personal work.

Investment is $33 per week – discounted to $13 per week, and you are able to stay as long as you wish.

For those who would like my signature tools to be included – It is an additional cost of $350

  • Soul expression affirmation cards

  • 4 x aura sprays – ( ‘Self love’, ‘Clear, ground and protect’, ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Pep me up’.)

  • 4 x bath bombs – (‘Self Love’, ‘Clear, ground and protect’, ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Creamy Chamomile’)

  • 1 x rose quartz crystal

  • 1 x smoky quartz crystal

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards
Nurture You Heal You magnesium bath bombs - Creamy Chamomile
Nurture You Heal You Aura Spray - clear ground protect
Nurture You Heal You crystals

All delivered to your door within Australia (for those outside of Australia, please contact nurtureyouhealyou@gmail.com as there may be an additional charge for postage).

Healing Me is aimed at empowering you, while supporting you to understand exactly what is going on in your personal energy systems, centres, templates and body parts. It gives you step by step instructions on how to clean them up and remove the many things we have collected over our various lifetimes.

Healing Me, addresses all of your energy centres, auric layers, templates and specific body parts. This allows you to do your own work in a safe and supported environment. You see for yourself, you do the work, you stand in your power. Your personal skills grow.

Once you have completed Healing Me, you will have removed every illusion, distortion, program, curse, pact, spell or binding that has ever been placed on or within you. Every sword, arrow and bullet removed. Any spirit/ soul/ being that is contained within, will all be moved over. All stagnant emotions, removed/ released. All rips and tears repaired. All guidance systems repaired to the vibration of source and unconditional love. You give yourself a complete reset.

The best thing about this – you will have done it all by yourself. Your skill set is going to grow like you could never have imagined.

And don’t fear – you will have my support if you require it. Even those who believe they can’t see will be able to do this. The “lack” of vision is just a block that can be removed. (Meditations are contained within to help you do so) If you can visualise (imagine a flower – a rose in your mind for example) you can do these meditations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out nurtureyouhealyou@gmail.com

Investment is $33 per week – discounted to $13 per week.

Contact support admin@nurtureyouhealyou.com to cancel at any time.

WEEKLY – $13