Oh the energy, oh the energy!

We had something called a king tide here in Adelaide last night, it left all of our beaches and attached rivers over flowing, causing traffic congestion and inconvenience as we all tried to get home. I have been living here in Seaford for nearly 3 years and have never experienced this before. It wasn’t scary in the sense that my home was going to be flooded but it does give a healthy appreciation for just how powerful mother nature can really be. Our man made roads, walls and houses are all irrelevant.

What I have noticed however is the emotional component that is connected to it. As the ocean was purging I have also found and felt the need to purge, letting go of the next layer that is no longer serving me. The release was intense, it felt very old and like it was coming from deep within me, from a place I didn’t know still existed. A massive lack of sleep – thank you months of energetic shifts combined with a real mix of frustration and even anger at the events that have compiled since the beginning of the year. The clearing has been deep, there has not been one area of my personal life that has not been given the once over, I am by no means the same person I was going into 2016. Many things have changed, much personal growth has come from this continual clearing.

However I know I am not the only one, this is a nine year for the universe…… We are all receiving the same clear out – some just do it a little deeper…….

We are know as the light workers of this world. We are the sensitives. We feel things, we see and hear things. You know when you are really having a shit time of it yourself? We know because we physically feel it. That sore knee – we feel it. Those unkind words you say to yourself – we hear them and so it goes.

Our biggest job on this earth is to firstly heal ourselves but then to provide the sacred space for others – when they are ready to start to heal themselves. To support them and show them the path that we quite often forged out all alone. This is why feelings are so intense for us – it is part of our tool belt, we can feel, to help guide you to feel yourself. Quite often people shut down their feelings because it is just safer and hurts a lot less.

We have been experiencing for the last 2 weeks Mercury Retrograde, a time where we all get to go back over old ground, redo the things we have missed or chose not to take responsibility for. We get to really look at how we communicate with ourselves and each other, and of course we can also have issues with technology ( hello!! Website issues!!!) so as we head into the last half of Mercury Retrograde, lets remember to re-centre ourselves, catch our breathe and continue on knowing even if it is uncomfortable – it is for our highest good.

I know as hard as this year has been – it really is leading us to the divine beauty with ourselves. I have never been more in love with myself or grateful for who I am and the gifts I have. This year truly is clearing out the old ( and I mean through the ancestral lines also – yes we are cleaning up for our families also – not just us ) Remembering though, whenever we clear out the old it is always so the new vibration may enter.

Love yourself as you purge, and know that when this lot is released, it is forever.
Allowing yourself the space to release,
love yourself even in the ugly and hard moments.

You can do this – You are supported