Individual Sessions with Samantha

What you get divine soul…

  • 2 hours of my time over zoom/facetime/skype – Laser focused upon whatever your greatest need is.

Sessions will be structured as follows:

The first 1:20 minutes will be dedicated to your energy block, and the reason for you making the appointment. At this point I will give you the option of either continuing the way we have already been working OR to receiving a healing via distance to compliment what we have just done.

The choice will be yours.

If you choose the healing, an email will be sent to you detailing what I have found/worked on.

Included Bonuses

  • 1 set of Soul Expression Cards
  • 1 set of 4 Aura clearing sprays -1 lavender, 1 self love, 1 clear ground and protect and 1 pep me up.
  • 4 bath bombs per month – 1 lavender, 1 loving rose, 1 clear, ground and protect, and 1 creamy chamomile.
  • 1 rose quartz crystal
  • 1 smoky quartz crystal

These items will be delivered directly to your door.

If you wish to upgrade at any point to one of the available programs, please contact admin as this can be arranged.

If you only wish to purchase individual sessions from me, the first will be at the above price and include the tools (listed under the description below). Moving forward with subsequent sessions they will be charged at a lower rate and will not include the tools. Please contact my team on how to move forward.

There is no payment plan option for this service.