Our Starseeds

Many of us are now raising Starseeds. Firstly what does this mean?

It literally means we are raising a child or children of high vibration. Now these are made up of many varieties (indigos, crystals, rainbow children and so on) They are all here with a mission, they have answered a special call, to help here on Earth. They may naturally be drawn to people, animals or Mother Earth herself. There is much work to be done, and these souls are here to support us all while having a soul experience/ growth themselves.

Raising these divine beings can sometimes be a challenge. They are different to us as children, We were raised in a generation that was filled and based upon surviving. Our parents were fighting to survive, and this often meant we had to also.  We all have been given our own missions, however for us it was always about waking ourselves up first, and then trying to get as much of our mission done.

Often we had to spend the first 40 years surviving our childhoods, before we even discovered we had other things to do on this earth.

We are much more conscious as parents. We are raising our kids differently (this is not to put our parents down – when you know better, you do better. Everyone does the best they can, with what is in front of them)

However our children are having less to recover from in their childhoods, we feel safe in listening to them and aren’t concerned about what others think about how we raise our children. We are much more concerned with making sure we care for our children the way they deserve to be cared for, meeting as many needs as we can, so there isn’t unmet needs to recover from as an adult.

Many are raising children with special needs or children on the spectrum, and this adds another whole element to the parenting experience.

Many needs, need to be met.

Much advocacy takes place and extra support is often needed to help these souls, for them to do what they are here to do.

This is new to many of us, so we find ourselves in a position of having to try to heal as much of our own childhoods, so it doesn’t flow down to our children while holding space for them to be who they are meant to be. All while creating a whole new style of parenting at the same time. This can feel overwhelming at times.

This 30 day course is going to support you to release, while exploring the depths of your relationship with your child and what they are here to do.

Release blocks from your heart
Understand the clairs and
How this fits in for yourself and your child.
Tantrums/meltdowns and what they really mean
Absorbing anothers energy and what to do
Karmic/soul missions
Past lives with our children
Healing any trauma that was experienced during pregnancy or birth
Healing the ancestral line
Food and your child
Children who see spirit
How energy works and how we can support our children
Dreaming about the future

We look at a different topic each day for 30 days.

Please note this is a pre recorded, self paced program.

Outcomes you will receive:

A clear understanding regarding who your child is and what they are here to do

Releasing many blocks to do with your heart/ pregnancy/birth experience

Clearing of ancestral karma

More confidence in who your child is, and what they need

Connection to other parents who are in a similar situation

Developing your own spiritual skill set. 

Developing confidence in supporting your child’s spiritual skill set 

Knowing what group your child is connected to

Cleaning up the lines of connection with your child, making sure they are healthy and heart centred.

Reading for yourself, the past lives that are connected to you and your child.

Removing stuck energy and blocks from the past that hinders parenting.

Connecting to your child on a soul level, like never before.

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