I have had so much joy recreating this course. I used to teach it, many years ago when I had my shop at Christies Beach. My children are now at an age where they have joined me and it has been a beautiful collaboration. A kids reiki class, taught by kids ( I am there too, don’t worry : ) )

Current times means there was a need to take this online, holding space for those who believe it is more important than ever to learn how to heal yourself, and Reiki is one modality that has stood the test of time. A beautiful place to start and whole on it’s own.

Reiki breaks down the step by step process of how to heal yourself, and others. It is a beatiful launching place to explore spirituality.

This course, while it has been modified for children, is still a full Reiki 1 class and upon completion they will be a certified Reiki 1.

It is age appropriate for 5 – 12 year olds

(Please use your own discernment with this, if you have a four year old who is very capable and you will support, or a 12 year old who is very mature and would be better suited to the adults class, then contact me and we can discuss and find an appropriate solution for your child and their personal needs.)

What will be learnt :

  • Who Dr Usui is
  • Where Reiki originated from
  • How to self treat
  • How to treat another
  • Chakras
  • How to balance a chakra
  • How to clear an aura
  • How to scan the body
  • How to see auras
  • Animal chakras

What is included:

  • A comprehensive, age appropriate manual,
  • All 4 attunements (there will be an option to space these out)
  • Unconditional support with the course (and while your child is developing their Reiki skills)
  • A private Facebook group (that will be accessed through their parents account- only students will be in this group.)
  • An organite pyramid (valued at $84.95)
  • Certification

In an attempt to make this financially affordable during this time, I am offering not only a sliding financial scale but also payment plans. Please contact me HERE, if you would like to put one in place.

All organites and certificates will be provided once payment is complete.


Child 1 – $222
Child 2 – $188
Child 3 and all subsequent children are $144 each.

Please note, conditions do apply.

If you have any questions please email me.

Enrollment now open

*please note – a pendulum is required for the training. If you require one to be added to your kit please add it on at the checkout, you can order it HERE