Included Support Tools

What do the tools do?
Why are they included?

Samantha has created the cards, sprays and bath bombs to support you in your spiritual experience. They have been made at a specific vibration, that will guide you until you are able to reach the vibration yourself. Samantha has included these tools in every package because she is aware from her own personal spiritual journey that they create and hold space for the user. Making the sometimes very challenging journey, a little easier and a whole lot more loving. Simple yet powerful, these tools are what Samantha personally uses as her go to supports when required. They are powerful, high vibrational, clear energy quickly and simply – bringing your base vibration back to love and self nurture. These tools are perfect for everyone regardless of where you may be on your spiritual journey.

All products are ethically sourced and where possible organic products have been used.

All products excluding the creamy chamomile bath bombs are vegan.

*Please note…. These products are not sold separately, they are the tools that are included in the various packages you have purchased. The amount received and frequency you receive them will depend on the package you have personally purchased. All tools are sent directly to your postal address (or the address you have supplied) after payment has been received. For those who are receiving regular monthly support, these are sent out on the 1st of the month. If you are an international client (outside of Australia) please be mindful postage may take up to 2 weeks in some instances.

Feel free to send an email if you have any questions.

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards

Soul Expression Affirmation cards

These cards contain fractal images, these images hold healing energy within. They can be used just like a regular deck – pick a card daily, pull 3 cards for a reading etc. However these cards can also be used in meditation, and if you are feeling like you require extra heart support (for example), you can find this within the deck and meditate with it/ sleep with it for extra support.

Nurture You Heal You Aura Spray - clear ground protect

Aura sprays

Self Love, Clear Ground and Protect, Relaxing and Pep Me Up.
These are all aura cleaning/ room clearing sprays. Powerful energetically but not an overwhelming fragrance. Helping you to clear and protect your sacred space.

Self love is for when you are requiring a little more loving support or perhaps we have been working on opening up your heart. It is a great support.

Relaxing is perfect for bedtime, it cleans the aura/ energy but has a wind down/ relaxed energy contained within.

Clear Ground and Protect is exactly that – it is the big guns and can be used in all situations. Work or home, it is very versatile. It clears the heaviest of energies in seconds.

Pep Me Up is perfectly designed for days when not only the energy is heavy, but you feel physically flat also. Clear the energy around you and feel brighter and more energised too. (A trick that Samantha recommends is to spray a little on the souls of your feet – the essential oils contained in this one will have you feeling brighter immediately.)

All of these products above are vegan.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Australian Spring Water, Pure Essential oils, Magnesium oil, Crystal Essences, infused with Universal healing Energy.

Nurture You Heal You magnesium bath bombs - Creamy Chamomile

Magnesium Bath Bombs

These are sacred little power punches of energy clearing, self loving bliss bombs. They have been designed and included in all packages so when you have
completed your session with Samantha, you can release and support your integration with one of these. If you don’t own a bath, using a foot spa would work well too.

Self love – Focuses on the heart, opening clearing and bathing you in love. This is the most divine way to end a day, clearing everything out energetically and bathing in love.
Try this affirmation while soaking – “ I AM LOVE, I AM LOVING, I AM LOVED” Feel the love expand from your heart and fill your entire being. Feel your cells dance with the vibration of love…

Creamy Chamomile – This has been specifically created for those who are experiencing sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis etc. It is calming, soothing and nurturing to the skin.
Try this affirmation while soaking – “ I release all feelings of frustration, anger and rage.” Take a deep breath… “ I breathe in love and calm” Take a breath…
Release all that no longer serves on the out breath….. Continue on in this cycle for at least 3 rounds. (Or longer if required) *This is the only products that isn’t vegan.

Lush Lavender – This little beauty is all about relaxing after that long hard day. Letting all of the struggles and frustrations of the day melt away with the fizz of the bath bomb. Releasing, relaxing, replenishing. As you soak in this and allow your release to happen, begin at your toes and feel how they are actually feeling, acknowledge the feeling and allow it to release. Make your way over your entire body until you have acknowledged every part, how it feels and hold space for it to release. Take a deep breath. Enjoy this space of total relaxation for as long as you can. Finish up by telling yourself “ I Love you” and allow the vibration of love to sit in your body, soaking into your cells.

Clear, Ground and Protect – This is for those heavy energy days, where no matter what you have done – you can’t seem to release the energy of the day. Full Moons, Eclipses, Mercury Retrogrades ( Or any planetary retrogrades for that matter) are all times that we can require a little extra support. While these natural planetary alignments are here to serve us in the most positive way, they often bring up our shadow to be dealt with and addressed. This is where this little power bomb comes to the rescue. Try this affirmation while soaking “ I release and surrender all that no longer serves me. I breath love through me, while I integrate.” Feel free to try the affirmations provided/ suggestions for helping/ supporting your release or create your own as you are guided. Use your intuition and allow it to guide you with what is best for you in each situation. These are powerful tools that support well during a release.

Ingredients: Epsom salts, BiCarb Soda, Magnesium oil, Essential Oil, Milk Powder, Organic Shea butter, Corn Flour, Organic Flowers, High Vibrational energy healing, Rosehip oil, Citric acid, Organic coconut oil. (Milk powder is only contained in the Creamy Chamomile bath bombs)

Nurture You Heal You crystals


This is an extra Samantha was guided to add into these programs. They play an important role within a healing session, and are an important tool that everyone should have. Samantha has chosen to include 2 crystals, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz.

The rose quartz focuses upon self love, and the smoky quartz is for grounding. When you purchase one of the programs all of the above tools are included. Samantha will personally program the crystals for you before they are sent to you. Have these tools handy when you are in session with Samantha as they will become apart of your own spiritual tool kit.

Picture for illustration purposes, what you receive will depend entirely upon what can be sourced at the time of purchase.