Universal Heart Centred Healing

Level 1

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What you receive divine soul……

  • 13 modules delivered via email over 6 months.

  • Email/messenger support for 12 months – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (AEDT/ AEST)

  • Weekly group coaching calls where you can ask any questions

  • Facebook group support with other students.

  • 4 x 2hr healings with Samantha – allowing you to not only work on your own blocks but to see how this healing modality shifts you dimensionally with every session in real life.

  • Certification

Additional bonuses

  • 1 set of Soul Expression Cards

  • 1 set of 4 Aura clearing sprays – 1 lavender, 1 self love, 1 clear ground and protect and 1 pep me up.

  • 4 bath bombs – 1 lavender, 1 loving rose, 1 clear, ground and protect, and 1 creamy chamomile.

  • 1 rose quartz crystal

  • 1 smoky quartz crystal

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards
Nurture You Heal You magnesium bath bombs - Creamy Chamomile
Nurture You Heal You Aura Spray - clear ground protect
Nurture You Heal You crystals


Universal Heart Centred Healing is a powerful and comprehensive healing modality. Balancing both feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. Acknowledging, hearing, healing and guiding of fragmented aspects of ourselves to be reunited within us.

This modality holds space for all experiences a soul has journeyed through, making sure the healing is taking place on all layers, level and dimensions. UHCH is comprehensive, current and heals on a multidimensional level. It explains and incorporates skills every healer needs to have, to heal the trauma of the past, release all curses, pacts, spells, bindings, contracts and programs that are held within us to a cellular level – all while opening your heart to engage in self love to a deeper level.

Universal Heart Centred Healing as a modality is rare in its ability to cover so much and address healing on a multi dimensional level. It acknowledges the very real human experience we are having as third dimensional beings on Earth, and incorporates and expands to heal and support our multidimensional selves. UHCH holds space for all of who you are. Giving you the tools to heal yourself and others on all levels we experience as a soul.

Gone are the days where it is necessary to do 10 different courses to begin to see the depths of who we are and to learn the skills needed to address all types of energy and personal experience.

Universal Heart Centred Healing acknowledges this from level one and gives you to the tools you will need to work at the level required, so you can support yourself, and your clients during these dramatic shifts we are currently experiencing at this time on Earth.

Supporting you and your clients to live from a place of joy, happiness and freedom of choice.

Upon completion you will have a clear understanding of:

Spiritual ethics
How to read and clear an aura (not just sweeping!)
How to read and clear chakras
Shift lost souls over
Available tools and how to use them
What a line of energy is, how it affects and how to release
How to operate from an open heart
Who your working team is
How to read past lives and where they fit in
How to do a hands on healing to yourself and others in person and via distance.
Family lines and how they affect us
Programs/ spells/ curses/ pacts/ contracts what they are and how to release them

And much more…..



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$35895for 26 weeks
  • Total cost – $9332.70


$71785for 13 fortnights
  • Total cost – $9,332.05


$1,555for 6 months
  • Total cost – $9,330