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Healing for those ready to dive deep into themselves and reclaim their sovereignty.

We are in such an exciting time collectively, many souls are waking up, and at a pace faster than has ever occurred before in history. We are spoilt for choice of healers, and with the technology currently available, it allows us to connect with healers across the globe. We can sit face to face and feel like they are right there.

I feel honoured to be participating, connecting with, and offering healing to those who are ready. My biggest joy is that our healing is able to cross all dimensions now, and incorporate all aspects of us, allowing it to travel to depths that weren’t previously available. Witnessing the freedom in a person once a certain line or wound is healed and integrated (or released depending upon the situation) is certainly a gift. Seeing them participate in their life with an open heart, and self love as their baseline – positively affecting those they encounter in their journey, it is such an honour.

Contained in the website is much more detail about what I offer, and the style of healing I conduct. I currently hold around 20 certificates for various modalities, however over the last 8 or so years I have been channelling my own information through. The teachings from others have given me a great launching pad, however I found there to be gaps in many of them, certain parts of a person/ or their experience couldn’t be touched. For me, quality of life is what is important, and we have a responsibility as healers to do our best, and to offer our best to our clients. It is part of our job to empower our clients.

Over the many years working in this field I have noticed certain patterns that exist, and this is why I offer healings the way I do. More details can be found here While the story an individual lives and speaks is always theirs, it tells a specific energetic story. When we listen, we can hear the lines of energy running through it, you can hear the wounds and shadow talking; the healing I offer now, covers all of these needed categories.

While an individual cannot be healed of everything in 1 session, it certainly cuts down CONSIDERABLY the time (and money) needed to get fabulous life changing results.

Please note, all sessions with me are conducted via zoom

Know that it is possible to heal your trauma, and to live the life you dream of.

Multidimensional Healer – Samantha Leske

For those who are on a pension, or who have NDIS support, please contact me here. I am so excited that NDIS clients are now able to access my services, it shows me just how far we have come. Freedom of choice, quality of life.


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I first came across Sam through a card reading she did for me and she suggested that I partake in her ‘Loving Me’ course. I decided to give this a go. At the time I was going through a nervous breakdown and grief from the loss of family members. As some would say the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ where I started to question everything about my life to date and decided I could not continue the way I had been. I initially did the course in conjunction with seeing a psychologist for anxiety disorders and PTSD from past traumas. I decided to cancel my psychologist appointments and just stick with Sam as I just didn’t feel like it was helping me. I felt my problem needed a holistic approach.

The Loving Me course was amazing. It was different than anything I had done before and the topics Sam covered really opened my eyes to areas that were so helpful and inciteful for my healing. I loved that I could work on the course with no pressure, at the time that felt right for me. After finishing the course, I have gone on to do private work with Sam and also a Reiki course. I really enjoy working with Sam, she is a genuine kind soul. She is very gifted. I always feel at ease and comfortable working with her.

Participating in Samantha’s loving me program has been an incredibly positive experience for me. In taking part I was hoping to achieve a better understanding of myself and to live a more positive & balanced life. The content of the course gave clear explanations of how to recognise unhelpful thought/behaviour patterns and examples of how to rewire your brain and return to self love. I found the weekly meditations to be quite healing, giving me the opportunity to address my energy blocks that needed work within. I have always been aware of other people’s energy, this program has helped me understand energy on a deeper level and given me the tools to manage and set healthy boundaries. After completing the course I now feel so much more grounded, my mind is clear of clutter and I have the confidence to move forward with the absolute best version of myself. Samantha is very calm and soothing in nature, she is a professional and passionate healer. I knew as soon as I saw her that I wanted to work with her as she spoke so eloquently. I am so very grateful for all her hard work as she has changed my life for the better. Thank you Samantha!

I was at a fair at the Adelaide Show Grounds last year 2018 having a reading done & the person i had seen had reffered me to Sam to have some healing done.
I then contacted Sam in regards to the healing & started working with her. Sam was an excellent person to open upto & talk to about what was going on in my life & what i was wanting to work on / towards, & she was able to work with me to achieve what i was looking for.
There was no judging, there was nothing being hidden it was all on the table & Sam is a straight shooter & will tell you how it is which really helped me & not only helped me but also opened my eyes to alot of things which i wasnt seeing myself & for that i really can’t thankyou enough Sam.
After seeing Sam she put me onto this person for me to do my Reiki One Course which i did & from there onwards it has really helped me to be able to work on myself aswell as friends & family.
So again i want to say a MASSIVE Thankyou to you Sam from the bottom of my heart, it was a real pleasure working with you & you have helped me in big ways & without your help & support i wouldn’t be where i am today & i wouldn’t be doing the things i have been.
So anyone who is thinking or wanting to work with Sam i would HIGHLY reccomend it you wont regret it & that is a promise. She will be able to help you & guide you in ways you wouldn’t have thought were possible.
Much Love

A valuable exercise with some huge insights. I’m glad I did it. A big thank you for this Samantha. I’m so glad I have found this group to develop my skills further.

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