These are very detailed. If you wish to purchase these you will need to provide me with the following information

Full name at birth
Full name now
Place of birth
Date of Birth

This will be provided in a detailed email to you and it will contain – upto 10 past life readings (and clearings)

Where you originated from and details about it.

Guidance as to what is blocking you as a soul

Removal of any shells, negative spirit guides, implants (physical or etherical), unethical contracts, spirits or entities, curses, pacts, spells, bindings or vows.

You will learn the energy centres you operate through, how many spheres of protection you have (and this will be corrected if necessary)

Tears to your chakras will be detailed and repaired

Any Godspark damage will be repaired. (This is your connection to source)

Soul facets will be retrieved if missing and these you are holding for others will be returned.

I will also locate a period of time that was important to your souls development and any mystery schools that you had a strong connection with.

There will be many clearings that I will do during this reading/clearing and I will also provide you with the information and directions for you to complete your end of the clearing.

These are VERY detailed readings/ clearings

Investment is $999 USD