Loving Me

“Divine things come from Self Love”

‘Loving Me’ is the newest of the packages to be birthed. Support, connection, learning to love and embrace ourselves to a deeper level, are some of the most important keys to living in happiness. It is our birthright to feel loved and connected not only to those around us – family, friends and our community, but to love and feel connected to ourselves.

Hearing ourselves, connecting to ourselves and feeling worthy enough to meet our own personal needs is a skill set that every woman should have. Over the next 6 weeks we will explore daily what this may mean and look like. Supporting you to dive deep into your own self love.

During the 6 week intensive, we will be leaving behind the outdated third dimensional beliefs that as women and mothers our needs sit last on the list of needs within the family. Everyday for the next 6 weeks – you will have connection to those like minded souls who are also working towards creating deeper self love. You will be lovingly and unconditionally accepted as you are and space will be held for you while you unwrap the layers of who you are as a Divine Self Loving Soul.

You will be given daily information and guidance of places to look for love within you. We will journey together ladies, letting go of our old and redefining our new. Connecting to ourselves, our sisters and learning new tools along the way in the most loving of environments. Everyday for 6 weeks you will get to connect with me and a group of divine like minded sisters. You will have the freedom to share your experiences, learn new things, add to your skill set and expand your range of personal tools (literal and metaphorical) and be supported while you venture deeper on your spiritual journey.

I so look forward meeting you all. Watching as you release all that no longer serves you, Creating a new experience for yourself and redefining what self love looks like to you.

This group experience lasts for 6 weeks in total and will include:

  • Membership to the facebook group “Loving Me” (Value $200)

  • Daily information posted within the group – everyday for 6 weeks. I will personally write or record a post on various tools, tips, guidance and exercises to creating a deeper love for self. (Value $1000)

  • A weekly recorded guided meditation. 1 hour on a specific topic. (Value $250 per webinar – $1750)

  • Weekly healings within the group – (value – $700)

  • Connection with fellow members, the opportunity to connect, support, post questions about your journey or personal spiritual experience. (Value – invaluable)

Nurture You Heal You - loving me program

And of course, this package would not be complete without my signature tools

  • Soul expression affirmation cards

  • 4 x aura sprays – ( ‘Self love’, ‘Clear, ground and protect’, ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Pep me up’.)

  • 4 x bath bombs – (‘Self Love’, ‘Clear, ground and protect’, ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Creamy Chamomile’)

  • 1 x rose quartz crystal

  • 1 x smoky quartz crystal (Total Value $350)

Nurture You Heal You Soul Expression affirmation cards
Nurture You Heal You crystals

All delivered to your door within Australia (for those outside of Australia, please contact admin@nurtureyouhealyou.com as there may be an additional charge for postage).

Some possible outcomes you will receive:

Believing in self
Loving you
Speaking your needs confidently
Learning new tools
Discovering meditation
Releasing many blocks
Connection with me
Connection with each other
Finding your worth to care for yourself to the highest level
Setting a new self love vibration within your family.
And much more……

The loving Me tribe will be a continuing enrolment. Welcoming everyone, diving deep into our first topic of living with an open heart. A channelled guided meditation that will support us with loving ourselves!

Our hearts need to be open to do this <3

This group is going to be laser lucid focused upon self love,support, connection and learning new tools that can help us to love ourselves to a deeper level.

Total Value $4,000

INVESTMENT is $1,111

$1,111 upfront (savings of $222)
WEEKLY – An initial payment of $333 And 6 weekly payments of $166.66 (total $1,332.96)
FORTNIGHTLY – An initial payment of $333 And 3 payments of $333.33 (total $1,332.99)