Samantha Leske - Nurture You Heal You - Global Healer and Energy Intuitive

Samantha Leske –
Global Healer and Energy Intuitive

Working with you to clear your personal blocks, traumas and programs from this life and previous incarnations.

When programming is removed, it is a game changer!

Being free from trauma is possible…..

Samantha’s work pinpoints the root of your personal energetic block, and provides you with the tools to clear it. Accelerating your journey in a positive light while simultaneously raising the vibration and dimension you are currently experiencing. You will be loved, respected, encouraged and supported into your highest path.

Samantha has worked with hundreds of souls, helping them to heal their personal trauma (from this life or past) She helps you to understand your individual experience from an energetic point of view. Making the unknown and mysterious, known and understood.

Birthing timelines is just one of her trademark abilities, allowing her to know exactly where and why a situation has originated from and what line of energy needs to be worked on for a positive outcome to take place.

Are you ready to know who you are on a soul level?

Are you ready to feel healthy, happy and balanced?

Are you ready to live in your own self love continuously?

Do you outgrow your healers?

Are you ready to embark on your own Spiritual Mastery?

Consciously working together, you will be loved and supported while your personal blocks are removed. The quality of your life and your families will improve greatly with a positive flow through effect. When you heal a line of energy within yourself, you are healing the collective.

Samantha has been consciously on her journey since 2007. She had early visions of one of her past lives as a child. She was a man, shooting another man and being arrested for it. It was her belief as a child that this Karma was the reason for her early childhood experiences with abuse and trauma.

Her gifts were shut down so she could survive.

Samantha was the definition of a wounded healer. She has worked tirelessly over the last 10 years with many healers to remove blocks that have been placed there from her own trauma. Outgrowing healers quickly meant that source needed to send through the information directly to Samantha.

All new information that needs to be taught and shown to clients is channelled through Samantha and delivered in a loved filled way with much humour. Often making those tough conversations easier to have and hear. (With the vibration raising daily – new ways of doing things are sent through regularly, many old teachings are now outdated. While these teachings were ground breaking during their time, there is a finer/ higher vibration and a new wave of crystal beings/ starseeds that need to be supported during their journey that the old teachings don’t account for.)

Since 2007 she has undertaken many hours of training with varied teachers accumulating around 20 certificates in different modalities from here (Australia) and America.

Creating a different experience for her children and vowing that the abuse would stop with her was her biggest goal.

Through her different life experiences, she knows how important it is to hold space for people that contains no judgement, and the complete freedom to be whoever you are. Guiding souls back to self love regardless of what they have done or what has been done to them.

Every soul deserves to feel loved, happy, healthy and abundant in every aspect of their lives. So many problems (simple or complex) can be solved with knowledge about energy and universal law. When we heal the most hurt and pained part/s of us, it has a flow through effect on the rest of your life.

You can feel breath flowing to parts of you it has not reached since the event happened. This work is life changing in the most positive way. It does not matter if you have never worked with healer before or if you have been on your Own spiritual journey for many years and are working towards your mastery, Samantha is skilled at supporting you with where you are and identifying what is required next.

Please NOTE: All sessions from January 2019 are conducted via Zoom/ Skype please feel free to send an email if you have any questions.