Samantha Leske - multidimensional healer

As a multidimensional healer, it is my goal to find the fastest and kindest way to heal the trauma that each soul is holding.

To help them discover their own self worth, self love and to then help them to discover their own soul mission, and make sure their soul guidance is activated and working properly.

It is also my responsibility to set high standards for ethics. With this field being unregulated, I see many things and not everyone is operating from a space of light filled integrity!

When we understand how this earthly world truly works, and that energy is the name of the game, we begin to understand why the stakes can be so high. When a soul is not connected to source, it must find a way to survive, to feed and be fulfilled. If it is not receiving energy from source, where is it receiving it from? The million dollar question right?!

Issue being, if you can’t see the energy, and the way it flows (because everything is energy) you are really just guessing. We all have a responsibility to develop our inner sight, so that we may have integrity and autonomy over our choices.

Previously (and it has been this way for many years, even lifetimes) all we could access was this life and perhaps a past life if it presented during session, or maybe the healer would get an inkling that there was a past life connection, and go looking – but what we would find is that 1 month, or 6 months later or maybe 2 years later with the next healer, x issue would rear it’s ugly head again. It would be put down to, “Yes, healing is like layers of an onion…” You’ve heard that right?

It’s a standard response for not being able to access it all to the root, a justification as to why you as a soul are still playing in x energy, and lets be real, you can’t see for yourself, so this is why you need another to look for you. You hope and pray they are a clear channel, and can finally clear it, it can be a roundabout that leaves you wondering if there really is an exit, into a bliss filled existence, where your “stuff” no longer resides??

That is why after so many years of study, working with clients and healing myself I have found the very specific keys that are required to clear the wound to the root, allowing each soul to step into their own sovereignty.
Developing your own individual skill set is such an important part of the process, which is why this is included in the way my sessions are structured. Guiding you to develop your unique gifts, to be empowered as a soul.

The energy, knowledge and skills we now have available to us are ground breaking. If you are ready to step out of your current experience, and create your new – one where you love and accept yourself completely, one where your past doesn’t control your choices, one where you are living freely from your heart without restriction, then this work is for you.

Further descriptions of the work I offer are held within the private sessions page.

I look forward to supporting you, wherever you may be in your journey.

It is always an honour…
Sending love,

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