Client Testimonials

I first came across Sam through a card reading she did for me and she suggested that I partake in her ‘Loving Me’ course. I decided to give this a go. At the time I was going through a nervous breakdown and grief from the loss of family members. As some would say the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ where I started to question everything about my life to date and decided I could not continue the way I had been. I initially did the course in conjunction with seeing a psychologist for anxiety disorders and PTSD from past traumas. I decided to cancel my psychologist appointments and just stick with Sam as I just didn’t feel like it was helping me. I felt my problem needed a holistic approach.

The Loving Me course was amazing. It was different than anything I had done before and the topics Sam covered really opened my eyes to areas that were so helpful and inciteful for my healing. I loved that I could work on the course with no pressure, at the time that felt right for me. After finishing the course, I have gone on to do private work with Sam and also a Reiki course. I really enjoy working with Sam, she is a genuine kind soul. She is very gifted. I always feel at ease and comfortable working with her.


Participating in Samantha’s loving me program has been an incredibly positive experience for me. In taking part I was hoping to achieve a better understanding of myself and to live a more positive & balanced life. The content of the course gave clear explanations of how to recognise unhelpful thought/behaviour patterns and examples of how to rewire your brain and return to self love. I found the weekly meditations to be quite healing, giving me the opportunity to address my energy blocks that needed work within. I have always been aware of other people’s energy, this program has helped me understand energy on a deeper level and given me the tools to manage and set healthy boundaries. After completing the course I now feel so much more grounded, my mind is clear of clutter and I have the confidence to move forward with the absolute best version of myself. Samantha is very calm and soothing in nature, she is a professional and passionate healer. I knew as soon as I saw her that I wanted to work with her as she spoke so eloquently. I am so very grateful for all her hard work as she has changed my life for the better. Thank you Samantha!


I took part in the loving me course and it helped enriched my life, I found a deep connection to myself and a love that i was giving to others i put back into me. The meditations help heal and release issues i hadn’t even know were blocks. The healings made me feel so at peace with the world. The tools are incredible and an assest to keeping your energy even to start from a great space. Sam’s dedication to supporting you to understand and receive the best experience is her priority which makes it a safe and loving environment.Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to grow personally and spiritually

Samantha has always brought herself fully to any healing session I have had with her. By that I mean integrity, honesty, compassion and love. What I love about Sam, the way she works and how she meets me in my world, is that she supports and holds space for me to develop the skills, step up and take 100 percent responsibility for myself and my healing process. I feel her as totally presence, grounded and non judgemental during our times together. This has assisted my ability to develop trust and let myself go to some very difficult places. This is a very rare gift and Sam offers this in her work. I believe we are all capable of being amazing and I also believe we are not islands. Sam’s capacity to hold space, work with her visionary guides, the universal forces and clarity of purpose in her role to facilitate and guide in healing is exemplary.

I was originally referred to Samantha from ‘Nurture You Heal You’, by a close friend that was saying how amazingly skilled Samantha is as a healer.

I decided that I would like to go & see Samantha too. She is welcoming, honest, caring, open & direct. Sam is very good at supporting & guiding me through tough emotions. Thus, creating a safe environment for me to feel & express whatever I was experiencing. This has been a valuable experience for me, helping me to uncover aspects of my truest self.

Sam has assisted me & many others with her knowledge & intuition, guiding me/us towards inner peace, self love & awareness. I am learning to listen to my own inner voice & allowing that to guide me. This is a work in progress. Thank you Samantha, I wish you all the success that you desire in you’re healing endeavours.

Take care


I know the words get used all too often, but Samantha truly changed my life. Her skills and healing are beyond explanation. She is an amazing and compassionate soul who has helped me heal myself and see myself in a whole new light. The work I’ve done with her has changed my life for the better. If you’re ready and looking to make positive healing changes in yourself and your life, Samantha can help you.


Blessed and gifted I am grateful beyond words, highly recommend Nuture you , Heal you beautiful soul and gorgeous lady xxx


Great service, lovely person, beautiful soul. Can and will recommend Sam to all!


Sam is an exceptional facilitator for healing , willing to be lovingly honest and willing to stretch herself, grow herself,to give her clients the experience that best suits their needs …can’t ask for much more than that ! Xxx keep up the great work Sam xx


Samantha lets light in, hope in…and negativity out. I felt years of weight literally fall off after my healing session. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone, She is a wonderful, warm and caring soul and would go above and beyond for anyone. Thanknyou so much Sam xxx


Samantha is a truly special & gifted lady. As someone who has sought support many times & not found a connection, I truly feel like I’ve finally found the perfect person to guide me through. Thank you for today’s session Samantha, I’m looking forward to the journey forward…


Sam worked on both my boys as they were having issues with bullying at school and another with anxiety,’gave them both coping skills needed for after the healing. Both loved her, and both felt safe. Highly recommend.


SAMANTHA has, quite literally, changed my life! I thank the Universe everyday for bringing us together. I am now free from things that were holding me back over many lifetimes and enjoying an exciting, rewarding life with the knowledge that my future will be the best part of my life…something I have not felt since I was very young. I will continue to work with Sam to unlock more “mysteries”, which she does with complete love and protection. Thank you Sam, you are a gem!


I’ve had numerous sessions with Sam over the past few years including Reiki training. She has helped me overcome some pretty big obstacles and fears (from both this life and previous) to improve my quality of life. I had a major issue that was holding me back that Sam has lifted making it so much easier to move forward. Thank you xx


Samantha offers an amazing professional & insightful experience, through her healing & other gifts. Her ability to support & share knowledge are outstanding.


I have had several healing sessions with Samantha now. I always leave feeling refreshed, energised and grounded. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Samantha works with the perfect balance of strength and compassion, you know she has you through the whole process making it very easy to trust her and get the most benefit out of sessions. Life changing Xxx


A valuable exercise with some huge insights. I’m glad I did it. A big thank you for this Samantha. I’m so glad I have found this group to develop my skills further.


*Highly recommend*


I’ve learnt so much about myself and have grown so much in a few short weeks. It is amazing how different I feel. I could never have imagine it before.


I was at a fair at the Adelaide Show Grounds last year 2018 having a reading done & the person i had seen had reffered me to Sam to have some healing done.
I then contacted Sam in regards to the healing & started working with her. Sam was an excellent person to open upto & talk to about what was going on in my life & what i was wanting to work on / towards, & she was able to work with me to achieve what i was looking for.
There was no judging, there was nothing being hidden it was all on the table & Sam is a straight shooter & will tell you how it is which really helped me & not only helped me but also opened my eyes to alot of things which i wasnt seeing myself & for that i really can’t thankyou enough Sam.
After seeing Sam she put me onto this person for me to do my Reiki One Course which i did & from there onwards it has really helped me to be able to work on myself aswell as friends & family.
So again i want to say a MASSIVE Thankyou to you Sam from the bottom of my heart, it was a real pleasure working with you & you have helped me in big ways & without your help & support i wouldn’t be where i am today & i wouldn’t be doing the things i have been.
So anyone who is thinking or wanting to work with Sam i would HIGHLY reccomend it you wont regret it & that is a promise. She will be able to help you & guide you in ways you wouldn’t have thought were possible.
Much Love


I have been working with Sam, on and off for the last 5 years. Initially receiving a healing as a gift from my sister. The healing completely turned my life upside down (in a good way), and my life has never been the same again. I was ready for the change, and it came.

Sam has always worked in a supportive and caring way, with a strong moral compass and ethical
mindset. I feel safe in the sessions which give me space to express myself and a nurturing environment to speak anything and everything that I want to transform.

Sam has the ability to move and tailor her sessions to meet your needs and encourages you to go to
places you need to, to gain significant healing, and transformation in your life. I believe a lot of this work takes place not only on a physical and mental realm, but also on a soul level.

Sam has always been available for follow up and guidance, and I feel she cares greatly for her clients.

I would highly recommend Sam for healing, whether it be for a significant healing crisis, or for an energy tune up.

I always leave with a greater sense of self and significant personal growth.



Samantha is an amazing and beautiful (old) soul who always seems to show up exactly when I am needing insight or clearing from an emotional issue or trigger. She is very client focused and every time we meet, I am greeted with the biggest beautiful smile which instantly makes you feel ‘seen’.

Her sincere empathy toward my healing journey has always been non-judgemental and unconditional, making me feel supported and safe to explore and heal at my own pace. She often reflects my emotional state and intuitively knows whether I’m needing to gently nurture or push through energetic blocks. She provides a safe and wholistic space for energetic healing on all levels and her intuitive insights are always spot on! My healing journey with Samantha has been completely soul nurturing and profound.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts Sam, you are a truly gifted lightworker and healer – a true shining light.


I came to see Samantha for a healing session after learning of her services through a family member. Samantha was able to help me with a lot of problem areas in my life. In particular issues I was having moving on from previous relationships. I used to frequently dream of significant people in my life and could not seem to move on and let them go. With Samantha’s help, we cut the cords that tied me to them. Since my healing session, I have dreamt of these people only 3 times in 4 months. The relief I felt and still feel now, several months later is enourmous. A heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I left my session with Samantha feeling light, carefree and full of hope. I would recommend her services to anyone, and I look forward to our next session.


My personal experience at Nurture you, Heal you is amazing. Samantha is warm and welcoming, her healing room is inviting and relaxing. Samantha has helped me through some difficult times and the healings I have received have helped me with my anxiety. It has helped me gain control and has given me a sense of balance in my life. I really enjoyed my sessions with Samantha and would recommend her to anyone.


I started seeing Samantha approx 3 years ago. I was in a terrible state of turmoil. I was in a really bad place. I had left my marriage of 26 hellish years. I was 15 when I met him and 41 when I was finally able to leave, my mental state was very bad. I was also in a “thing” with a man who was a drug addict. I thought I loved him, so I put up with his abuse for 3 years on and off, because he treated me better than my husband. But it still wasn’t acceptable behaviour. The great news is Samantha has helped me, release my demons from my past, with her healing and guidance. I am now a strong, independent woman who has self worth. I now love and respect myself. I don’t let anyone treat me badly anymore. I am now happy, and living a great life. I worked hard with Samantha to take responsibility for myself and my life. Samantha can give you the tools, but you have to do the work. I still go to see Samantha on occasion, now and again when something pops up, so I can continue to move forward in my life. Thank you Samantha, you have helped empower me to feel safe and free.


I have been on Samantha’s table quite alot. It is hard to describe how you feel as each time is different. My life isn’t the same since my first healing with Samantha, and I can’t imagine my life without it. My first healing, I will never forget how safe and non judged Samantha made me feel. The energy was surreal, I could feel it going through me, it was magical, amazing. I knew it was the beginning for me. Today, I am still having healings done by Samantha, and I will always want to keep it up. Today I can say that I do not feel empty inside anymore. I feel happy, and that I deserve to be happy. I am a beautiful person. Thank you Samantha for being such an amazing and beautiful person, thank you for all the healings. You have opened my world. xxx


I have healings with Samantha myself, it is an important part of my life. I thought it would be a fantastic for my children to experience it themselves. My daughter went on Samantha’s table and had a healing. It was great, I noticed such a difference in her. she is more confident in herself. My daughter loves being on Samantha’s table and learning about it all. (She asks lots and lots of questions ). Here is what she thinks in her own words. “I love it, It is relaxing, I love that Sam checks my energy. I love Sam”

Tahlia aged 10 years

I found Samantha from Nurture you, Heal you both caring and professional. My card reading was amazing and the healings and meditation nights are outstanding. I am so glad I found your services! Thank you Samantha


Samantha of Nurture you, Heal you has helped me change my life for the better. I now view the world in a completely different way. Her healings are amazing and combined with the meditation group, it has helped me to learn to calm my mind. Working with Samantha has helped boost my self esteem, confidence and determination. I am not as negative and try to look for the positive in every situation. Samantha would have to be one of the most gorgeous people I have ever had the priviledge of knowing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thanks for everything Samantha!! I love you xxxx