I AM Sovereign.

My newest download to be birthed, I AM SOVEREIGN – we begin 7/7/23.

We have hit a point in our evolution that many souls are seeking true sovereignty and autonomy over self, and all aspects of self. This is a beautiful thing, as it means we have won, the light has won!

We are in a process of healing our trauma, discovering self love and trying to claim our autonomy and sovereignty (All positive, beautiful, life changing things)

It’s a mix of feeling tired of what we have been living in for some, for others, feeling safe enough to explore who you really are, combined with finally having the right education and abilities to do this for yourself energetically, until all parts of you are healed and reconnected with self.

It is clean up time. We have been cycling around in these loops for eons. Amnesia when we birth through prevents us from remembering just how long we have lived in the dark ages. Birthing through into the 3D plain with every possibility that trauma will enter each souls life at some point – either creating anew cycle to be broken or perpetuating one that already exists, keeping the soul trapped for another cycle while they’re feeding all lower level beings with the vibration they are emitting.

Many are starting to see the truth of what is taking place, especially in what is supposed to be sacred settings. Healing spaces, mediations and women circles etc Sadly, the majority are just feeding dens. What is not understood is that in paying for your ticket, you are giving permission to be fed from.

Will you know if you can’t see? Probably not – energy can be manipulated and I have watched music being used as a form of anaesthetic where everyone in the room (bar myself and my children) were fed from for 1.5 hours and then proceeded to tell the facilitators how much of a wonderful time they have had, and how relaxed they felt after (and yes, I was pissed that my team didn’t warn me before taking my children with me, but I had the skill set to stop us from being fed from, and I was told I needed to see just how a large a scale this is being done on)

FYI – Even the music recordings that these people have created, had the feeding lines attached, so if you listen to the CD after, you are still having lines connected to you to feed from you! Surprise!!

If you knew that in the cost of the ticket, you were offering your energy up to be fed from at the event and possibly for eternity (or until you or someone you work with has the skill set to stop it and clean it up), would you still want to participate? Is that something you are truly comfortable with? Are you still a willing participant with this knowledge?

Regardless of what your answer is, we have the right to transparency – so you consciously know what you are participating in/ agreeing to. Sadly I think it will be a long time before this level of transparency is offered, so the way around this is education.

Teaching those who are ready, and willing how to look for these things, and how to then correct whatever you may find.

You may be asking – are those who are feeding, conscious that they are doing this?

Some yes, and some no.

For some they have been disconnected from source ( always for various reasons) and are doing this to feed their energy centres.

For others it is a little more sinister, they working for a larger organisation, something I call a faction and they attach feed lines to everyone they come into contact with (clients,  friends, their own children – there are no boundaries) Depending upon the deal they have made/ contract they have with the faction, will decide if they get a portion of the energy they have stolen, or if they receive none (karmic consequences vary depending upon this)

75% plus of the “light workers” in the field are not light workers, they are actually dark workers and they have infiltrated the spiritual community intentionally.

What I see as I watch what is taking place, is souls trying to heal, and they are employing the services of beings who aren’t doing the right thing with the energy ( with the clients energy as a starting point)

Clients are placing a heap of trust and power in the hands of the wrong people, without even knowing it. We need to move past the expression ” I can feel” (energy) and skill sets need to be developed so that they can “see” the energy. If you can see, there is no denying what is taking place. You know for sure!

When we rely on feel, we are leaving ourselves open and vulnerable as energy can be distorted to “feel” anyway they want us to feel it. anaestetic is an energy too remember…..

For those who are seeking sovereignty, there are some things that need to be understood, and there are certain things you can do to make sure that every part of your energy is free from attachments and it is/ you are truly sovereign energetically.

This course is for both those who are being fed from, and those who are feeding from others. This course is not about apply shame to anyone, it is about providing education, so each soul (wherever they are in their evolution) can make a conscious choice regarding what they want moving forward.

It will support each who participates to truly take responsibility for ALL of self, opening the path to individual sovereignty.

What you receive:

  • Understanding of how this situation was created, and what is required to heal it.
  • Tools – that will teach you how to manage energy, read it, and clean it PROPERLY.
  • We will look at ethics, and light aligned practices.
  • Connection to the Courts of God – and how to use it.
  • Understanding of what your conscious choices truly are moving forward.
  • Your team – are they clean and working for you towards highest timeline?
  • Are your energy centres, auric layers and organs clear from unwanted connections, restrictions and interference? (feeding lines, entities, parasites, curses, distortions, broken/ distorted programs, chips, implants, graphite oxide, nano technology etc (as a basic starting point)
  • Is your protection actually protecting you?
  • Self love and why it is so Important.
  • True connection to the New Earth
  • Restoration of soul gifts that have been stolen
  • True restoration of karma ( all dumped karma is returned to it’s soul aligned, true owner)

Healing spaces must become sacred again.

This knowledge and understanding needs to become common knowledge so we have the opportunity to empower firstly ourselves, but our children, extended families and friends. This is lost knowledge that holds the keys to personal sovereignty.

Now this course is not aimed at scaring anyone, or shaming anyone either. It is about teaching the information required so each individual can decide consciously what is right for them and their souls evolution. There are parties from both sides – light and dark who are just as trapped, and just as sick to tears with what is taking place, many are willing to join forces just to eradicate this particular issue because it is keeping both sides from being able to evolve out of this situation. (Those being fed from, and those feeding)

It is time for the giant feeding den to end, This is the clean up life for those who choose it.

I AM Sovereign.

We begin 7/7/23

Investment is $333 USD – Paid in full


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