I have been in this industry for over 12 years now and I have dedicated my life to finding and fine tuning the best healing methods available. I was gifted the opportunity to be born a wounded healer, so my first port of call was to always improve my own quality of life, to be able to gift my children the best I possibly could. I have studied many modalities with some truly talented teachers over the years, and while I still enrol in various courses as they are appropriate, I now  ( and for a long time) channel my own information through. My own way of doing things. I see and have experienced the gaps that can exist in the spiritual community and the healing industry. My goal is to end this, allowing each soul to live their best life ( as determined by them) and help as many as are ready to claim sovereignty over themselves, creating a new way of doing things.

I hit a point in my journey where I became tired of my whole life exploding for a lesson to be shown or a timeline to be birthed. It is not how it should be. To me this was unacceptable,  I deserve to be healed ( no longer riding the daily/ weekly waves that come through often unannounced, the trauma rising, the shadow presenting, the next level of awareness and then the lovely integration that precedes that before the new gifts are to be discovered. (Seriously what a journey for every release?! Right??!!)

What a ride! one that is harder than it should be, one that we are meant to have gratitude for, one that you can come to resent when your life is continuously derailed for you to stay on your “path” .

For those who are on their path, and know that the only way forward is to immerse yourself in your spirituality, and explore the hidden parts of you – there had to be a kinder way. One that is more direct, provides freedom from the many restrictions and doesn’t ask you to hide or filter who you are as a soul – It allows and honours all of you.

When I asked this question ( because when we ask a question, we get an answer)  is when my last lot of downloads were birthed. It is a new process that combines the work I have been doing for a few years now, deals with all of the above trauma, shadow, original wound, self love and takes it to the core, extending to where the gaps previously existed.  No more going over the same issue 57 times.

Having the ability to not only see, but to access other dimensions means it is not only healed from this space you reside in, but ALL of them, to your akashic records, and to your SOUL

true freedom, and sovereignty is here and it is my absolute privilege to hold space for those who are ready to claim it for themselves…..

Can you imagine a life where you no longer experience resistance? Where your trauma is actually healed and the gifts that came from it flow freely to you – no blocks?? Or that beautiful shadow, no longer needs to be integrated every week? ( and bypassing isn’t the name of the game) this is what is now available to us.

Below is a brief description of some of the work that is covered in my sessions, please keep in mind, each client is different, and requires an individual approach.

Waking up – this is for those who have just discovered that there is more to this world than they had known their whole lives. There may be some trauma or crisis involved or you may have just questioned – is THIS all there is??

You look around your life and don’t feel satisfied, you are questioning everything and everyone. Good – rule one of the universe is when we ask a question, we get an answer. Start asking, and get smart about your questions – your mind, and your ability to fathom the answers is your only block. I love working with those who are just waking up. If you have found me in the process it means you are here for big things!

Trauma – this comes in many forms, everything from a parent not acknowledging your feelings, to a car accident, to physical or sexual abuse. It is created from many situations, but it equates to the same thing, the original incident ( or maybe it was repeated for years on end) When this occurs ( and let me be clear, the majority of humans on this earth have trauma lines running) it creates a block, and then becomes the “thing” that you try to avoid or bury, the aim is to find a way to cope with it. Issue being is it now puts you in a position of having a point of attraction residing within you. This means you are going to continually attract to you, similar situations ( sometimes presenting in different containers, some may be exact mirrors) letting you know the trauma is still hiding inside of you, waiting to be healed.

Aspects – These are important, they are parts of you that have fragmented off, and are still residing at the incident. They have their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. They are what cause resistance and prevent you from moving freely towards what you are wanting to create. They need to be heard, loved and shown respect and reintegrated.

Wounds – Now this is where our original root to our above trauma resides. It hasn’t happened in this life, every experience we are having now we have been looping out for eons. Many are stuck, many are asleep not even aware there is more. Our original wounds are big, deep and powerful. Our soul lessons and experiences are contained within, our goal as souls is to clear the above, so we can find these and then resolve them – this is where we begin to step into our sovereignty. All energy from our earthly incarnation comes back to this. These need to be resolved. To date I have found 30+ original wounds (see the full list below)

Full list of current wounds available – please note this list grows continuously.

Outcast                                Self Love                                Mother

Shame                                 Financial                                Father

Scapegoat                           Betrayal                                 Sister

Addiction                             Sexual                                    Brother

Escapism                             Connection                            Masculine

Victim                                   Trust                                      Feminine

Abandonment                      Soul                                       God/ source

Abundance                          Survival                                  Infidelity

Self sabotage                      Jealousy                                 Anger

Sovereignty                          Vulnerability                           PTSD ( this is from the super soldiers)

Gaslighting                           Powerlessness                      Narcissistic

Relationships                        Receiving                              Not being cared for

Ill health

Once free from these and the shadow that resides,  they are no longer points of attraction, there is no longer resistance. Life is free flowing and you are truly the one driving, from a place of consciousness and awareness.

I can’t NOT mention self love here, so this is something every single soul is working on, when we learn this skill set it changes the way we operate, the beliefs we have about ourselves and what we are worthy of.

It makes the journey considerably shorter (no need to attract people who show us the places we need to have more love or respect for ourselves) and it makes the journey kinder – imagine if you came back to loving and supporting yourself when things became tricky, rather than attacking yourself?

I offer this as a self paced course here LOVING ME or we can include this in your private sessions as we journey together.

Self love is not negotiable, it is part of our journey.

My job as a multidimensional healer is to understand where you are individually, to understand what you want, and where you want to go, and to help you understand, learn to read and navigate the blocked energy residing within you. (To build your own tool kit) I also believe in empowerment, so I teach as we go. This work is fast, deep and thorough, we will not spend session after session on the same topic, (please note – there will be patterns, there always is!) generally it will be 1 trauma/ aspect or wound per session, making it complete and final, allowing you to walk away with freedom and resolution at the end of the session (individual circumstances will vary)

Individual sessions are $130 USD per hour, $250 USD for 2 hours – 2 hours is required for trauma, wound and aspect work.

Please note all payments are in USD

Payment plans are available, please contact me here to organise.