Private sessions – These are all currently conducted via zoom. The link is provided once payment is complete.

These sessions will cover whatever you require as a soul –

It could be helping to support you with – anxiety, depression, physical ailments, trauma work (childhood, sexual, abuse of any kind) or shadow work.

Feeling stuck in your life and not knowing how to move forward, the releasing of whatever blocks you personally require support with.

Wanting to learn about your own spirituality and develop your gifts and skill set.

These sessions are 2 hours in length and will differ session to session. What we work on will be a combination of what you feel is going on/ want to address and what spirit asks – it always ends up linking and being connected.

You will walk away feeling clearer, calmer, freerer, balanced and more aligned than ever before.

Investment is $240 and  2 hours of your time.

Please note –
There is no difference from my perspective about one style of healing (in person or via distance) being better than the other – both are equally successful. I actually find the distant healing allows me to go deeper.