Past Life Readings often give some much needed clues as to why you are having a certain experience with someone or something – For example having a fear of the dark and having no reason why this may be the case, nothing had happened in this life to justify the fear. When we look back at the past lives, often there will be an explanation here.

It can also explain why we are attracted to certain people because we are contracted to have certain experiences with them. Sometimes this may be joy filled, and other times this may mean there is some work to do to release ourselves and them. Being able to see the past lives means we can heal, fix, correct whatever needs to be sorted.

Our past lifes can also contain things like programs, curses, pacts, spells, bindings, vows, chips and implants that can keep us stuck in certain patterns and behaviours that we just can’t seem to shake. This is the life where all of this can be cleared up.

Investment is $333 USD per past life.

You will receive an email detailing what I have found. If you would like another person included in this reading (eg – your last past life with your sister….please provide their name)