Reptilian Akashic Work

Many of us upon entering the Earth have signed contracts with Reptilians – these are varied but generally speaking it is about either providing a service to them or being food for them.

Many of these contracts have been created unethically, keeping us as a soul trapped within these never ending contracts.

The work that will be completed within this purchase is identifying (if they exist) and releasing all unethical contracts.

Returning to you any karma that has been dumped or stolen ( I found while doing this work many had had others not so great karma dumped with them-without knowing it – and/or have had their good karma stolen) This will all be corrected.

Spiritual gifts are also often stolen – these will be returned.

Often many programs are used to keep the unethical contracts etc in place, they can also create distortions so the person they are placed on is none the wiser. All will be released.

Protection is placed around your records once complete.

You need to provide me with your full name and DOB.

All work is completed via email. I will provide you with a detailed report of what I have found and the work I have completed. You are welcome to ask questions related to the work that has been done.

Please note all of this work is only working on reptilian energy running through your records.

Investment is $599 USD