Loving Me

“Divine things come from Self Love”

‘Loving Me’ is one of my most powerful pieces of work to date. The changes that are possible are limitless when the teachings are embraced.  It was birthed through my own need to learn this important skill set.  Learning to love yourself is the ultimate game changer. I am so proud of what is contained within this powerful vortex, and grateful to be able to share it with those who have decided enough is enough – I am worth more than the experience I am currently having. I am ready to embrace all of me, and risk creating something new.

Loving yourself unconditionally is about so much more than indulging in a hot bath or allowing yourself a massage, or a special food when feeling emotionally vulnerable. It is hidden in the hundred different choices we make daily.

Over the course of 6 weeks, daily we will look at a different topic where self love is hidden. Giving you the opportunity to explore what that particular topic means for you, if you are okay with where you stand or if you would like to consider changes.

After running this multiple times over the last 2 years, I have learnt alot. Moving forward, I will only offer this once a year, and I will be running it fresh – the videos will be released daily and the meditations and healings will be recorded live.

We will begin on the 6/6/2021

During this 6 week intensive, we will be leaving the outdated third dimensional belief, that as women and mothers that our needs fall last on the list. You will be met exactly where you are, surrounded by other women who are on the same journey, held within a safe space where you get to explore the many layers you are currently holding. Releasing the old, and embracing your new.

Being able to hear yourself, connect to yourself and feeling worthy enough to meet your own needs is something every woman deserves.

Unconditional self love, is a skill set that every woman needs to have. When this is embraced, it allows healing to flow to the women from the past (ancestral line), and prevent the women of the future from having to learn the hard way (our children).

What is included in Loving me?

  • Access to a private facebook group
  • 6 weeks of daily content
  • 6 guided meditations
  • 6 group healings
  • Support from myself with the content of the group
  • Priority if you wish to work privately with me

My personal kit delivered to your door (for those outside of Australia, please contact me as there will be an additional charge for postage)

  • 4 Aura sprays ( self love, clear ground and protect, relaxing, pep me up)
  • 4 Magnesium bath bombs (self love, clear, ground and protect, relaxation and creamy chamomile)
  • 1 Deck of Soul Expression Affirmation Cards
  • 1 A5 notebook
  • 1 Rose quartz crystal
  • 1 Smoky quartz crystal

All delivered to your door within Australia ( for those outside of Australia, please contact nurtureyouhealyou@gmail.com as there may be an additional charge for postage)

A few of the outcomes you will receive

Weekly self care with a chosen activity of your choice
Connection with myself and those in the group (this will go as deep as you allow)
A deeper understanding of your own needs and ability to communicate them to those around you.
Knowing your worth
Tools to release self doubt and negative self talk.
Many releases/ realignments with our meditations
Feeling safe to engage with your needs
Feeling safe to explore what self love looks like to you, and what you want that to be moving forward
Learning about your own boundaries, and how to voice them
Understanding energy and what that means for your personal life
Understanding intentions and the power of setting them
Learning about expectations, and how they not only add pressure but can set you and those around you up to fail
Establish a clear set of goals you want for yourself
Experiencing self praise
Understanding our food, water and environment
Understanding addiction
Rewiring your brain
Understanding the true energy you are contributing
Understanding shame, fear, guilt etc (and releasing them)
Giving back
Learning how to run healing heart centred energy through your own body without learning a modality.

For those of you who enrol before 26/5 – you will receive a 2 hour private session with me, this can be used at any point ( conditions do apply) This session will be conducted via zoom.

We will begin on the 6/6/2021

Ladies, I can’t wait to dive deep with you, and watch as you connect to your heart, and embrace the divinity that you really are. It’s time to go from old survival patterns to those of thriving. It is possible, and YOU ARE WORTHY!

Payment plans are available, from as little as $50 per week – please email me here to organise yours (conditions apply)

If you were wanting to book a FREE 15 minute call with me to discuss any questions you may have or to see if this program is a fit for you, reach out here.