Much has been written about Atlantis and it’s fall. This is another timeline that I have birthed and this was actually my first. It took a few years ( I think because the skill was new to me and there was much trapped energy and pain – much work needed to be done with this particular line. My physical marriage (in this life) collapsed during the process as it was all connected. The timelines were birthed in weeks and days. They too held important information but actual trauma was locked in the Atlantean timelines, and this is why we still hear about it to this day. People who experienced it are stuck within the trauma of the cycles experienced then. I often find that when I read this energy for a client, they will often say to me – “Are you talking about this life or then?” This is because the energy can be a mirror…

So the life we lived in Atlantis, this followed after our life in Lemuria. We still had much of our abilities, and it seems to me that the birthers still had most of their abilities.

I have had many visions of singing in Divine language to auditoriums filled with people with my sisters of the time.We were loved and held an amazing vibration and healing abilities. Some of us sung, some of us were herbalists, some of us specialised with energy and crystals, some of us were connected to the earth and the animals that inhibit it. We were varied but all connected with our abilities, ethics and belief in what we were here to do. Help the planet and the people on it.

Now this was all lovely and it felt lovely to view it however, there was another whole situation going on that was the reason Atlantis collapsed in the first place. This was misuse of power. It was the beginning of feeling disconnected from source, and therefore began the search for power from outside sources from ourselves. This misuse of power was connected to science, utilising power (from crystals as well as people) and this is where the “imbalance” between men and women began. There were those who were in power, and they wanted more power and more control.

When I birthed this timeline, it took such a long time because I was also birthing each individual persons around me’s involvement in it, and releasing them from not only their armour, but the trauma they has sustained. It was a long process. However – it was successful as we did manage to do enough work that the original timeline has collapsed. Which is fantastic!

Issue being there are still others that have trauma locked within their cells that is buried under amnesia and programs (not to mention gmos and fluoride!) Many are also still sporting the protective armour of the time. (Please watch my youtube video titled Atlantis, to receive a healing that will remove it – links at the bottom of this post.)

So what ensued was this. So much corruption of ethics and energy took place that the entire city literally crumbled. We as the healers went from being loved and respected to being hunted for our lives.

I literally have visions of firstly the whole place collapsing around me and running for my life – diving into the water and morphing into a mermaid ( remember we still had abilities then) I had pockets full of Lemurian crystals with me, programmed so the knowledge would never be lost. The next vision I am shown is off myself in the desert…..

The other ladies had a mixture of adventures, none were the loving ones we were used to. Like I said earlier, we went from being loved and respected to being hunted for our lives and our teeth.

I have seen visions of a market place where there is a table at the front of the stall and the “Ladies of Atlantis” captured and tied up behind the table, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. These were the ladies that were caught. At the front of the table were jars filled with their teeth. They were being sold as lucky charms. The ladies behind the table had been tortured while they were cruelly removed.

Each lady had a different fate. One hid out in a cave, and died in isolation. One was sold as a slave, her family (even though she was the house slave) actually treated her well and she lived her life out caring for their family without being tortured. Others were sold to men who abused them severely, some were killed on the spot because they just had no value. There were 13 women that I worked on as Atlantis and it’s experience came to air and there have been a few that have come into my world since then to have their armour and trauma released. All resonate with the visions and all can breathe deeper now they have had the energy released from their systems.

I ended up being sold to my husband in my Atlanteans life. He created underhanded contracts (yes this was the beginning of these too) that I had the choice to sign, be his wife and bear his children or die. I chose to be his wife and make the best of a very bad situation. I knew I still had it so much better than the others. I spent the rest of my life in hiding, wearing scarfs around my head when in public to hide my identity.

I have visions of my daughter playing with her blocks in the air and me telling her “ you can’t do that, it’s dangerous for us” It clearly indicated who I was, who we were. She was in as much danger as I was. I ended up dying once my children were grown at the hands of a guard who came to my home, he knew who I was and killed me in my home to do the right thing (in his view point) I had done nothing to him, and was doing nothing to hurt anyone – I was just one of the Ladies of Atlantis and I had a price on my head.

My husband in that life did actually die protecting me. He was captured, and they knew, he knew where I was, and he refused to give me up. He died for this choice. I feel like he was redeeming some of the earlier choices he had made for me, by owning me. Funny thing is, I actually married this man in this life. He left one day without explanation and then spent the next 12 months trying to strip me of everything – even what I went into the marriage with. The energy behind it the whole time was “I own you.”

I began birthing this a few months before I met him from some Lemurian crystals I had purchased, and the minute he left the visions came hard and fast – completing 6 months after he left.

My whole personal life was turned upside down to birth this timeline. While I am grateful that these lines of energy, programs and contracts no longer exist for me. For many they still do. Abandonment, betrayal, abuse, isolation, lack of worth, anger etc are just a few of the lines of energy through those who were here during this time. If they weren’t already lines for you, this experience created so much trauma for many that they walked away with many more than the one they were birthed with. (See my blog about Lemuria to understand this)

Lemuria, Atlantis and the life following where we were plummeted into the dark (See my blog titled The dark Ages) paints a very clear picture what we are doing here. How we became, why we are here, where we are in the journey and what we need to do to take personal responsibility for ourselves to end the many cycles that began in Lemuria, Atlantis and the Dark Ages that we have been evolving from ever since.

We have so much more awareness, responsibility for self and our ethics are improving but we are so very unaware of just how long we have been cycling out in these cycles, and just how much work truly needs to be done individually to heal.

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