As we develop along on our spiritual path, one of the things we at some point will need to address is our family lines. Now we may or may not have contact with our birth family, but we do still have to take responsibility for the lines of energy we chose to be born into. Even if we do not have contact with our said family, it is still energy that runs through us to a cellular level. Energy that we do have to not only acknowledge but clear.

So let’s take a step back let’s draw a picture here. We have a dad who is riddled with shame (from his childhood), he likes to bottle his feelings until he explodes in anger. He often uses alcohol to numb those feelings that he not only doesn’t understand but that makes him feel very uncomfortable when they do come to the surface. We have a mum who grew up with a dad who abandoned her at the age of 4 and a mum who was mentally and emotionally abusive. Neither of her parents worked on themselves, or took the time to take responsibility for the choices they made. All of their issues were passed directly down to their daughter – even though they love her. They love her the best they can through their own pain. So what we have is a dad who has
shame, anger and addiction running energetically through his family. Jumping to mum, she has abandonment , abuse and anger running though her energy lines. Now if neither of these parents own up to their own individual energy lines in having their own children they now have a much longer list of trauma to pass down to their children. Shame, anger, addiction, abandonment and abuse become the starting point. The reality is – the society we live in everyone has some type of family trauma, some childhood experience that has left a scar or two. (In fact I will even go as far as to say that it is impossible to escape childhood without some issue) Some much more than that. If we do not take responsibility for the energy we have experienced and have running through us, our children are left to clean up the mess for us.

Some food for thought – generally 1st born child takes on unresolved father issues, second born takes on unresolved mother issues, third born takes on unresolved family issues and it continues to cycle around, fourth born takes on unresolved father issues etc.

Energetic family lines that can be running are

Do any of these ring true for you?

In the current energetic time we are living in it is so imperative that we take responsibility for not only the choices we make , but we also have the responsibility to clean up these ancestral family lines. Even if we do not have contact with our families we will still have this energy running through us. Bringing awareness to what our energy issues are is the beginning, if we know and understand we can then take responsibility. For those of you who look at that list and think HOLY CRAP! I have everyone of those energy lines running through me, and I have children, what can I do to protect them? My very simple answer is this – Do your work, go see a healer who is trained in this type of work (even a psychologist or psychiatrist ) if you need to. (There is never any shame in working on yourself EVER) By you owning the energy that runs through you, by bringing it to light and cleaning it up, what that means is it does not need to go any further. It will stop with you. As with all energy, it is there to show us/ teach us. Once we have learnt, taken responsibility for that lesson and released it, and come back to our own centre of loving ourselves -what happens is it is released from the family line. It releases not only us and our children, it also releases the family before us. It creates a new baseline for our family. Your children will not be left to clean up your mess because you took responsibility for your own energy and the entire family line. This is no small feat and you should be proud. In taking responsibility for your energy, your family before you’s energy, they will not have to. It is a beautiful thing to watch. The energy line literally changes right before you. What is the benefit to this? Simple! In not allowing our children to clean up our family lines it frees them up to do what they have really come here to do, heal this planet and the humans that are here. They have such a high vibration and such huge hearts that they are going to accomplish so much in a short space of time. Let’s clean up as much as we can, so our children are free to do the jobs they came here to do. We are the warriors this is our work, lets own it, let’s set many new base lines for what is an acceptable way to treat children, let’s be the generation to rid the world of peodiphilia, sexual abuse of all types, let’s be the generation that feels safe to operate everyday with an open heart, let’s be the first generation in our families lines that feels whole and lives our lives everyday from a place of respect and self love. Own your family line, do your work, ask for support/ help/ guidance if you need it. Lets gift ourselves, past and any future generations the freedom this level of responsibility will bring.