The information that is to follow is information I have personally channelled on the experience and timeline of lemuria.

So my initial visions of this time period were in amazement. (I see myself there and many who I know – I believe this is how I am able to channel such information as I was there and it is a soul memory being shown to me)

We had amazing – high vibrational powers. We literally thought we wanted to walk from here to there and we could do it through the air (no feet on the ground)

I am often shown the pond. It is a big beautiful water feature the many contracts were made around. I have seen myself there with a few people and I find when working with clients individually – we are often taken back there and I have visions of them around the pond making contracts with each other. ( I will play this role for you, and you will play this role for me etc.)

Now Lemuria was where it all began on a human level. The incarnations I see before this point – we are not “in skin” and human. More on this another day!

So this is where we agreed to participate in the “Human experiment” I almost cried as I channelled this because I began to become so very aware that this “human experiment” we chose to participate in, continues to this day.

So we agreed to participate, there was a select group of us that were what I call “birthers.” I was one of them. What my role with these others was to give birth to X amount of souls – this was a different number for each birther. I chose 13. This was a large number. Now we have a certain amount of responsibility to each of these souls that we birthed.
(To be clear – we did not give birth the way we physically do now, it was a different process and the more we have travelled through time, the more in skin we have become. Now we physically give birth to have the full experience. The soul giving birth and the soul being birthed.)

Now what the experiment was is this. Each soul would be born with a single line of energy running through them. EG Anger, or frustration or abandonment or fear or victim consciousness etc. This would allow each soul to have the experience and grow and evolve as a soul.

Sounds great in theory right? Issue being this. Not enough responsibility was taken and it grew out of hand very quickly. (Atlantis is the perfect example on this – further details to follow) Let’s take a female who has been birthed with the line of energy of fear and a male who was birthed with the line of energy of anger – neither have learnt to evolve past it and they have had a baby together. Baby now has fear and anger as lines of energy flowing freely through them.
Get the picture?

Now we currently live in a society where every human has almost EVERY line of energy running through them. We have not only not evolved from the original experiment, we are actually behind. For us to evolve, we need to have healed every aspect of ourselves/ line of energy, completed every contract. When you combine this information with the fact that when we are born, we are birthed with amnesia – we have no idea who we are or what our mission is this life is. We have quite the task ahead of us, much work and great responsibility to own.

We have been cycling these cycles for many, many lifetimes. ( And yes it is all happening at once as time is not linear) Our hearts are blocked, we have lost most of our abilities and we as souls have little to no connection with ourselves. We don’t know who we are as a soul, let alone what we are here to do. There is much work to be done from waking up, to learning who we are and what we are actually on this earth for.

This you do need to know – You are here for a Divine purpose and until you have found your reason, please continue to search. Until your soul feels full, content and healthy and you are operating with an open heart – please do your due diligence and continue to search.

My souls work is helping people to unlock the blocks that prevent them from knowing who they are and what they are here to do. It may involve working on issues from this life (trauma and shadow work) and often this will be linked to a past life where there is a major block that needs to be healed. I also birth timelines and so far it seems the ones I have birthed are the ones where there is major missing puzzle pieces and trauma for many souls.

Previously I have kept this information for my clients only but hopefully making it public will allow others to get to the bottom of their souls journey.

If any support is required with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.